Does Toothpaste for Acne Really Work?

Does Toothpaste for Acne Really Work?

Many people believe the efficacy of toothpaste for acne. Is that real? Though, other people won’t believe it. Due to its affordability and effectiveness, toothpaste becomes an amazing acne treatment. It can eradicate blemishes, acne, and other skin issues. Is it that perfect? There is always a debate. Some people find out toothpaste is able to dry up pimples fast. Here is the fact. The toothpaste may cause irritation and redness. Can you deal with these side effects?


About Toothpaste for Acne

Most toothpaste contains triclosan. It is definitely a great ingredient to kill bacteria. It is also contained in other personal care products like body wash. The thing is many acne treatment products also include triclosan as one of their formulas. Even though toothpaste can dry acne quickly, it can also irritate your skin. In some cases, it even burns your skin. Simply said, toothpaste wasn’t mean for your skin. Those with sensitive skin will suffer terrifying side effects, for sure.


Finding an Alternative

Still, many of you apply toothpaste for acne. It is likely you are going to develop a chemical burn. Moreover, your skin may feel sore in the next day. In severe cases, toothpaste makes your acne look worse than before. So, what is the better treatment? Instead of using toothpaste, you should try an acne spot treatment. Many products are available on the market. They contain sulfur and benzoyl peroxide. They are quite useful to fasten acne healing and reduce skin redness.

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An acne spot treatment product has a milder impact on your skin. That means you won’t suffer any side effects. Not to mention it is as cheap as toothpaste. You can buy acne spot treatment products for $15 or less. Still, you must see a dermatologist prior to buying it. This kind of treatment is way much safer than toothpaste for acne.

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