How to Prevent Baby Acne

It is easy to learn how to prevent baby acne. What is baby acne, actually? As the name suggests, it occurs in baby’s skin. In terms of appearance, it is similar to adults’. The major cause is the hormonal changes. It can occur either during or after pregnancy. It is true that baby acne is curable. The question is whether it is preventable or not. During pregnancy, mothers need to pay attention to their diet. It is because hormonal changes are quite unstable at that time.


Learning the Basics

What about baby acne after pregnancy? In this case, you should know the causes. There is no exact cause, though. Neonatal acne usually happens due to a normal response of the immune system. In babies, the rash is likely harmless. That means there is no discomfort caused by the acne. One thing, it can be worse over time. Without proper treatments, this condition can lead to a cough, lethargy, fever, and other health problems. Actually, prevention is the best thing to do. After pregnancy, mothers need to apply the right skin treatments on their baby’s skin. It is the basic.

So, how long does it last? The rash may last for several days. Actually, it can be longer than that. In some cases, the rash can last up to 2 weeks. In fact, it may return in the near future. Usually, it reoccurs within 4-6 months of age. Preventing baby acne is possible. The question is whether it is contagious or not. Babies get acne from their mothers’ hormones. However, it won’t spread to other babies. That means it is a biological process.

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A pediatrician can give you a good insight in how to prevent baby acne. He can tell the severity of baby acne based on appearance and timing. Usually, an expert gives you tips on how to prevent acne in babies. This includes:

•    Regular face washing
•    Applying a moisturizer
•    Avoid touching baby’s skin with dirty hands
•    Applying safe face masks twice a week
•    Giving healthy foods and drinks

Prevention is the best treatment. All mothers should never overlook their babies’ skin condition. You are not an exception.

The Treatments

For many, prevention sounds difficult. Baby acne outbreaks become a common issue these days. If you aren’t able to prevent it, you can learn how to treat baby acne. The most popular treatment is the coconut oil. It has a calming effect on the skin. Not to mention it helps the skin to hydrate. The best option is the organic oil. Make sure you choose the unrefined one. No worries. You can get it from local markets easily.

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Many experts have recommended breast milk. It acts both as the cure and prevention. Breast milk becomes the natural elixir in dealing with baby acne. This way, the baby will have a better ability to fight acne or other ailments. There are many options of treatments. What you need is a recommendation. In this case, a pediatrician can be quite helpful. He or she may teach you how to prevent baby acne.

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