How To Prevent Acne During Pregnancy

It is actually easy how to prevent acne during pregnancy. Pregnant women often overlook hormonal acne, which is bad. Pregnancy acne is mostly painful. It can occur in any parts of your body. Also, almost all pregnant women suffer it during the first trimester. Why is that? The culprit is definitely the increase of hormonal levels. If you ignore the symptoms, you are going to suffer it towards the end of your pregnancy. At least, you must know the cause. The rising hormonal levels trigger more oil production on skin. It may result in blockages and inflammation.


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First Considerations

First, it is important to wash your skin. The aim is to remove excess dirt, dead skin cells, and oil. These things can cause blockages, after all. Does it mean you need to wash your skin often? No, it doesn’t. You should not overdo it. Otherwise, your skin becomes damaged and irritated. Regular washing after exercising is a must. Remember, sweat carries numerous bacteria and these can lead to clogged pores. Make sure you wash immediately after sweating. It is a basic manual.

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The best way to prevent pregnancy acne is to kill your bad habits. Many of you have some habits that lead to acne and worse skin conditions. For example, you often squeeze papules. This habit can cause irritated and swollen pores. During pregnancy, make sure you can avoid this terrible habit. It is as important as avoiding self-extract pustules. If you carelessly conduct the extraction, you are going to regret it. That’s for sure.


Further Things to Know

Any women should know how to prevent acne during pregnancy. Apart from those recommendations, you should never use harsh astringents. If you use isopropyl alcohol to your skin, regardless of the purpose, you are going to have acne. Not to mention it causes other skin problems like redness and itching. The same rule applies for tanning. You should avoid a misconception. Tanning isn’t good for skin. On the other hand, it can trigger pregnancy acne and other skin problems.

During pregnancy, you should be picky regarding skin products. If you want to prevent acne, you should use only FDA approved skin treatment products. On top of that, you should never use multiple products. Many women have a bad habit during pregnancy, which is product abuse. This may worsen skin problems and lead to terrible pregnancy acne breakouts. Instead of using many products at once, you must focus on a treatment that fits your skin. The thing is each skin condition requires different skin treatment products. That’s all.

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With those considerations, pregnant women can avoid or prevent acne breakouts. Also, you need to visit your aesthetician regularly. If a breakout occurs, you can get the right treatment right away. This can prevent a worse condition, so you don’t get painful pregnancy acne. Lastly, you should be always learning. More knowledge regarding acne prevention is a must. No worries. There are many books and articles to read. It helps you learn how to prevent acne during pregnancy and take care of some related issues efficiently.

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