How to Get Rid and Prevent of Butt Acne

Perhaps all people need to learn how to get rid and prevent of butt acne. As the name suggests, it is the pimple occurring in your butt. The thing is acne happens in any parts of the body. Buttock is not an exception. There are two major causes of it, which are carbuncles and folliculitis. Many of you are looking for an answer regarding how to get rid of butt acne. Well, it is all about the right treatment. Each of causes should be handled properly, after all.


Easy Methods in How to Get Rid and Prevent of Butt Acne

The easiest method is to use a benzoyl peroxide. It is a popular body wash in the market, so you can get it easily. In fact, experts have approved its efficacy. It helps eradicate bumps by removing dead skins in your follicles. Such body wash helps you unclogging dirt, as well. As an alternative, you can use salicylic acid pads. These are also useful in clearing pores. Apply it on your butt several times a week. One thing, you may require cleansing, too.

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There are many good products in the market. What you need is a recommendation. For example, your dermatologist may suggest a lotion with lactic acid. It is acts as a moisturizer and helps you get rid of butt acne. On top of that, the price is cheap! Everyone can afford it without hassles. Another easy method to deal with butt acne is shower. Sweat often becomes a major culprit of acne. In this case, you need to wash your butt and body after an exercise or sweat session.




Folliculitis vs. Carbuncle

Everyone can learn how to get rid and prevent of butt acne. Information above is only the basic. For further treatment, you should go to a dermatologist. The expert may recommend different approaches in dealing with distinct causes. For folliculitis, an antibiotic cream is a common treatment. As an alternative, you can buy an antibacterial soap. Make sure to buy products containingbenzoyl peroxide.There is another but rare solution, which is oral treatment. That means you will take an oral antifungal or antibiotic drug.

What about carbuncle butt acne? You should take more intensive treatments. Why is that? It goes deeper. For many, it is more troublesome than regular butt acne issues. What you need is an oral antibiotic. This is basic medication to fight the breakouts. In some cases, your dermatologist may suggest a piercing. That means he drains the acne using a sterile and safe setting. The thing is you should never try such method without supervision.

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Prevention Measures

The question is whether you can prevent butt acne or not. The answer is definitely yes. The simplest way to prevent it is living a healthy life. Sleep well, eat healthy, and exercise regularly are some of them. As for precautions, don’t wear too tight pants! Otherwise, it leads to skin irritation. Also, make sure to visit a dermatologist regularly. He or she helps you take care of the butt skin. This is How to Get Rid and Prevent of Butt Acne.

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