How to Get Rid of Baby Acne

Parents must learn how to get rid of baby acne. The thing is acne happens to everyone regardless of the age. That means your babies are also vulnerable to acne breakouts. So, what causes baby acne? The most common connection is the pregnancy. During the last days of pregnancy, your hormones may enter the placenta. This also stimulates the oil glands on baby’s skin. No wonder, it becomes the seed of acne. In fact, the presence of baby acne at birth is possible.

About Baby Acne and Its Treatment

At birth, red pimples usually occur on the baby’s cheeks. The other common places are the chin and forehead. Apart from red pimples, whiteheads are also quite common. Such skin conditions are mostly the result of hormonal alterations. These changes happen when the baby is in the womb. Many experts have approved this fact. Baby boys have the higher chance than girls. When it comes to newborn acne, it may clear up naturally. It takes about a few weeks.

Though, you can do something about it. There are some methods in how to get rid of baby acne. First, you need to moisten a washcloth. You can use warm water, actually. Apply such soaked washcloth to your baby’s skin or face. At least, you should do this thrice a day. It is the simplest procedure, after all. Next, you can use a mild moisturizer. Make sure you use the right product! This way, you are able to eradicate oils and dirt that can cause newborn acne.

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Next, you must dry it using a soft and clean cloth. It should be done after washing. Never rub baby’s skin as it can cause skin irritation. That means it makes the condition worse. Another solution is to apply medicated ointments. Though, you should talk to your baby’s pediatrician first. Apply the creams over the skin. One thing, you should avoid several areas like mouth, nostrils, and eyes. Also, you should follow your pediatrician’s instructions. Otherwise, this treatment may result in disappointments.

Hiring a Pediatrician is an Option

Fortunately, child acne can be treated. It takes much time and efforts, though. A continuous cleaning is considered important. You need to use lukewarm water and mild soap in order to prevent irritation. Cleanliness is the most important aspect. What about severe conditions? You must visit a pediatrician. An expert gives you a better insight into the right treatments for severe baby acne. The thing is such condition is triggered by a hormonal reaction. It happens naturally. Due to this reason, you visit a pediatrician often. He has much experience and the best medication.

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Overall, you can take advantage of both natural treatments and a pediatrician’s help. This is the best combination, after all. Baby acne is considered different. That means you should use different approaches in dealing with it. However, learning how to get rid of baby acne can be done either using an expert’s help or not. That means you may gather information regarding baby acne treatments from the internet. There are also many guide books. You can take advantage of them all.

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