Acne Pregnancy Gender Predictor Boy or Girl

Many people believe acne pregnancy gender predictor boy or girl. That means they pay attention their skin conditions during pregnancy for guessing the gender of their future baby. Is it a scientific fact? The most common belief is pregnancy acne as the sign of a baby girl. That means if pregnant women don’t experience acne, they are likely to have a baby boy.Not all pregnant women believe it, though. In fact, it is only a theory. Some people even consider it a myth.
Finding the Truth

Pregnancy acne is considered the sign of the future baby girl.Why? The rumor has it. Pregnant women with dirty and inflamed skin are having a girl. It is said their baby is stealing mother’s charms or beauty. On the other hand, bright and mesmerizing pregnant women are likely to have a baby boy. Once again, this is only a theory. There is nothing to support this speculation. Though, some women have experienced and proven this theory. Is it a coincidence? No one knows the truth.

Well, each pregnant woman has a unique way to predict her baby’s gender. The presence of acne is a common way to speculate such gender. It isn’t accurate, though. Fortunately, there are some alternatives. The most accurate one is the USG. That means pregnant women should visit an ultrasound technician. One thing, it costs much money. If you are looking for uncommon ways to predict baby’s gender, acne is one of them. What are the other methods?
Other Methods to Predict Baby’s Gender

Apart from acne pregnancy gender predictor boy or girl, you can also check baby’s pulse. A boy usually has below 140 beats / minute. On the other hand, a girl has more than that. Next, you can take advantage of foods. If you are likely to eat more sweet foods, it is likely you are going to have a girl. On the other hand, sour and salty foods represent a baby boy. Again, it is only a theory. Some women have proven it right, though.

Acne is only one of the predictors. There are other signs. For example, it is the potty time. You can check the color of your pee. Mix it with Drano. If it turns blue, it is likely a boy. If it turns green, it is likely a girl.Next, it is the shape of the belly. If it features a bigger part in the bottom of the belly, you are likely to have a boy. Another method is to look at the breast. Pregnant women with a bigger left breast are said to have a baby girl and vice versa.

In summary, the best way to predict baby’s gender is through USG. Acne is only a skin condition. It doesn’t determine baby’s sex. Despite this fact, many pregnant women believe it a predictor of baby’s gender. Regardless of the debate, some women have experienced this myth. Still, the others are disappointed with the results. No one can tell the gender until you perform a USG check. The acne pregnancy gender predictor boy or girlis merely a myth. That’s all.